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Multilingual Customer Experience Centre (CXC)

Multilingual Customer Experience Centre (CXC)

Customer Experience Center combines  working with global high-volume customers experience and expertise in Artificial Intelligence technologies. Highly skilled and experienced management, with years of working in complex B2B environments, makes our end users more efficient and able to get back to their tasks by taking over the full ownership of the ticket lifecycle. 

Our Customer Experience Center comprises multiple services:

  • Help Desk - Software and Hardware
  • Call Centre - Troubleshooting and up-selling
  • Catch and dispatch 
  • Critical resolution center - Major Incident Management, Escalation Team
  • Translation Services
  • Logistics 
  • Body shopping

We bring standard and proven automation solutions highly flexible and tailored to the specifics of the customer processes and IT environment.

Our multilingual team covers all the major European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Balkan Languages).

Our mature experience provides:

  • Vertical expertise in different industries: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing

  • Internal knowledge and resource sharing (each one teach one concept)​

  • Best practice delivered through problem solving pit-stops​

  • ​Standardized processes. Also, we work with our customers to standardize and improve their existing processes. ​

Dealing with your issues we bring your time back, so that you can focus on your customers and business.


Full ownership of ticket lifecycle
Integration with existing ITSM or use of ServiceNow
Omni channel contact solution
Telephony, chat, portal, viber, whatsapp, sms, e-mail
Experienced team
Experienced team able to handle high volumes of tickets
Expertise with global customers
Multilingual 24x7 support


Multilingual Customer Experience Centre for Stada

Customer Experience Centre for American Mental Health Services Company

Increase End User Satisfaction

Service Desk/Service Management and RIM services

Multilingual Service Desk

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