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Leading Multinational Tobacco Manufacturer

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One of the world’s leading multinational companies tasked GDC Services to transit infrastructure from 100+ local data centres into one global Azure platform and improve the productivity of end users enhancing their experience of cloud technology.


  • Design and deploy of ecosystem based on Microsoft solution for those locations which had legal data residency requirements to keep data in country.
  • Design of customer’s Microsoft Azure based cloud infrastructure. We created a reliable business platform in 3 months. The platform reaps all the benefits of Cloud without impacting business processes.
  • Workplace services – from hundreds of integrations made to provide 800,000 authentications daily and integrations between 5,200 applications based on Microsoft Identity Manager.
  • Users’ migration to Win10 Operating System – 45,000 devices.
  • Transition for AD - 285 Domain Controllers


  • Centralization of a highly federated business. Prior to the introduction of Cloud computing, customer was able to leverage the benefits of collaboration, enabling global teams to access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere. Now all End Markets are able to work in a cohesive environment.
  • End user’s satisfaction growth. All users gain the benefit O365 features, whether they use cloud or on-premise components of infrastructure. Number of users supported – 57,000.
  • Cost reduction in hardware requirements, removing the high cost of hardware and introducing a consumption model where the customer simply pays for the resources as it consumes them.
  • Flexibility and agility against changing business and end user demand. If a regional market requirement changed, customer’s IT needed the flexibility and responsiveness to provide users with the correct tools and applications quickly. Cloud brought the ability to scale up the capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers. The customer is now able to transit up to 60 local servers per week to the new Azure platform knowing that any issues can be swiftly resolved.
  • Automatic software updates. We designed the Cloud platform to be EverGreen, enabling the customer to be on the latest platform without the need to refresh the program again.

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