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GDC Services: Top Customer Support Outsourcing Company in Serbia 2023

GDC Services: Top Customer Support Outsourcing Company in Serbia 2023


In 2023, GDC Services distinguished itself as the Top Customer Support Outsourcing Company in Serbia, a prestigious recognition awarded by Clutch. This accolade is a testament to the company's exceptional services and its placement among the Top 15 in the industry.

At the heart of GDC Services' success is its Multilingual Customer Experience Centre (CXC), which provides an array of specialized services. These services range from help desk support to major incident management, all enhanced by artificial intelligence technologies. The company’s multilingual capabilities, covering major European languages, are particularly noteworthy, catering to a diverse client base across various sectors like healthcare and finance.

A critical aspect of GDC Services' approach is the human touch in our customer support. Despite technological advancements, personalization remains key, ensuring each client's needs are uniquely addressed. This customer-centric culture is ingrained in our DNA, enabling us to adapt creatively to different industry requirements”, says Vojkan Todorovic, Head of CXC in GDC Services.

Furthermore, the comparison of multilingual customer experience centers to traditional support models highlights GDC Services' edge. The company’s approach offers extensive language support and flexibility, crucial for global businesses while maintaining consistent quality.

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